Lakehead University Scholarship For International Students

Lakehead University Scholarship For International Students.

You must also know about Lakehead University scholarships for international students when you deliberate to study at the second research undergraduate university in Canada.

Founded on 1 July 1965, Lakehead University is a research post-secondary educational institution with two (2) campuses based in Ontario, Canada, Thunder Bay, and Orillia.

Moreover, Lakehead University Orillia and Thunder Bay campus avails a comprehensive selection of undergraduate programs and graduate studies across 57 disciplines.

Why study at Lakehead University Thunder Bay?

As an international student at Lakehead University, you can enjoy many benefits. These include;

  • Studying and receiving certification in a highly advanced campus constructed to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standard
  • About 97.7% of Lakehead University students can secure employment soon after graduation.
  • Access to high amounts of student financial aid estimated at 11m Canadian Dollars
  • Comprehensive options for motivating programs that correspond with your aspirations
  • Lakehead University campus features a variety of student residences, including a bookstore and restaurant.
  • Opportunity to experience high-quality research
  • Enjoyable stay and study due to Lakehead University recreational activities
  • Top-notch education through a team of experienced and friendly professors
  • Learning in smaller classes influences direct communication between students and professors.

Lakehead University faculties of study

The following are the faculties of study at Lakehead University Orillia.

  1. Law
  2. Education
  3. Engineering
  4. Graduate Studies
  5. Business Administration
  6. Natural Resources Management
  7. Health and Behavioural Sciences
  8. Social Sciences and Humanities
  9. Medical School (West Campus)
  10. Science and Environmental Studies

Lakehead University programs for undergraduates

As an international undergraduate, you can enroll for admission at Lakehead University in any of these listed programs.

  1. Law
  2. Nursing
  3. Medicine
  4. Music
  5. Physics
  6. Philosophy
  7. English
  8. Biology
  9. Business
  10. Chemistry
  11. Natural Science
  12. Economics
  13. Mathematics
  14. Bioinformatics
  15. History
  16. Geology
  17. Social Work
  18. Kinesiology
  19. Sociology
  20. Languages
  21. Psychology
  22. Visual Arts
  23. Geography
  24. General Arts
  25. Geoarchaeology
  26. General Science
  27. Computer Science
  28. Anthropology
  29. Applied Life Sciences
  30. Aboriginal Education
  31. Criminology
  32. Education – Concurrent
  33. ”: Consecutive
  34. Engineering
  35. ”: Electrical (Lakehead-Georgian Partnership)
  36. ”: Chemical
  37. ”: Civil
  38. ”: Electrical
  39. ”: Software
  40. ”: Mechanical
  41. Environmental Studies
  42. ” Sustainability
  43. ” Management
  44. ” Sustainability (Lakehead-Georgian Partnership)
  45. Applied Life Sciences (Lakehead-Georgian Partnership)
  46. Computer Science (Lakehead-Georgian Partnership)
  47. Forestry (HBSCF)
  48. Gender and Women’s Studies
  49. Indigenous Language Instructor’s Program
  50. Interdisciplinary Studies
  51. Indigenous Learning
  52. Lakehead Arts One
  53. Political Science
  54. Indigenous Teacher Education Program
  55. Lakehead Science One
  56. Indigenous Transition Year Program
  57. Resource and Environmental Economics
  58. Indigenous STEM Access Program (ISTEM)
  59. Natural Resources Management
  60. Indigenous Nursing Entry Program
  61. Water Resource Science
  62. Outdoor Recreation, Parks & Tourism
  63. Media, Film, and Communications
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Lakehead University Graduate Studies

Lakehead University’s faculty of graduate studies provides several graduate programs, including Master, Doctoral (Ph.D.), and Diploma programs.

However, the following are Lakehead University graduate programs available to international students.

Lakehead University Masters programs of study

  1. History
  2. Biology
  3. Forestry
  4. English
  5. Geology
  6. Kinesiology
  7. Education
  8. Chemistry
  9. Economics
  10. Health Sciences
  11. Computer Science
  12. Mathematical Sciences
  13. Archaeological Science
  14. Business Management
  15. ” Administration (MBA)
  16. Engineering: Environmental
  17. ”: Mechanical
  18. ”: Chemical
  19. ”: Civil
  20. ”: Electrical & Computer
  21. Social Work
  22. Environmental Studies
  23. Nursing: Advanced Practice Specialization
  24. Physics
  25. Psychology: Clinical
  26. ”: Psychological Science
  27. Public Health
  28. ”: Nursing Specialization
  29. Social Justice Studies
  30. Sociology
  31. Nursing: Nurse Practitioner Specialization

Lakehead University Doctoral (Ph.D.) programs

  1. Forest Sciences
  2. Biotechnology
  3. Health Sciences
  4. Civil Engineering
  5. Educational Studies
  6. Chemistry and Materials Science
  7. Psychology: Clinical
  8. ”: Psychological Science
  9. Electrical and Computer Engineering

Lakehead University Graduate diploma

  1. Professional Kinesiology
  2. Accounting

Lakehead University scholarships for international students

As an international student at Lakehead University, you may meet the requirements of specific scholarships and awards.

Besides, Lakehead University offers a number of scholarships to international students, which include;

  1. Lakehead University International Entrance Scholarships
  2. Graduate scholarships
  3. Faculty Research Award
  4. InternationalEntrance Scholarships & International Visionary Award

Lakehead University International Entrance Scholarships

As a non-Canadian student at Lakehead University, you may be eligible for Lakehead University International Entrance Scholarships.

These scholarships consist of varying amounts, which are awarded yearly to international students.

Besides, International Entrance Scholarships do not require any form of application. They are automatically offered to eligible international students based on their academic average.

Additionally, International Entrance Scholarships are awarded in two (2) rounds. For 2021, the first round of the scholarship occurred around February, while the second round occurred around April.

Hence, you must promptly complete Lakehead University admissions processes to be included among the awardees of the scholarships.

The following table illustrates how International Entrance Scholarships are awarded to eligible students based on academic achievement.

Required Academic Average –

Canadian Equivalent (%)

International Baccalaureate Average Scholarship Amount ($ Canadian Dollars)

75.0 to 79.9 28 to 29 6,000 (nonrenewable)

80.0 to 89.9 30 to 34 7,500 x 4 (30,000)

90.0 & above More than 35 10,000 x 4 (40,000)

Graduate scholarships

Lakehead University offers graduate assistant employment to international students undergoing full-time graduate studies at the institution.

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Thus, such a student will be recruited to a job position within the Lakehead University campus and is permitted to work for 10 hours weekly.

Additionally, you can work up to 270 hours during the Fall and Winter terms.

Moreover, appointed international students are rewarded with specific amounts ranging from $10,000 to Canadian Dollars.

Besides, different amounts are offered to Masters and Doctoral students.

Faculty Research Awards

Student supervisors usually present these awards to eligible graduate students at Lakehead University.

Besides, you must be a full-time graduate student before being considered for this award. Awardees are given a certain sum of financial rewards.

Moreover, Faculty Research Awards funds you for academic/research activities pertinent to your discipline.

International Entrance Scholarships & International Visionary Award (Lakehead-Georgian)

This scholarship does not need a separate application apart from your initial application for admission to Lakehead University.

These scholarships and awards are automatically issued to international students who attain an Entrance Average of not less than 70%.

Moreover, international students with Entrance Average ranging from 70% to 74.9%, 75% to 79.9%, 80% to 89.9%, and 90%+ are awarded varying amounts of finance.

Besides, International Visionary Award is only provided for the Fall Term of the academic year 2021.

Furthermore, International Entrance Scholarships & International Visionary Award is either awarded & renewed for a maximum period of four (4) academic sessions or till you complete your first degree at Lakehead University.

Eligibility criterion for International Entrance Scholarships & International Visionary Award

  • First of all, you must be a new international student at Lakehead-Georgian.
  • Secondly, you must be entering Lakehead-Georgian from High School Grade 12. You are also eligible for this scholarship if you are a transfer student from a university/college outside Canada.

The table below demonstrates relevant information about International Entrance Scholarships & International Visionary Awards.

Required Entrance Average (%) International Entrance Scholarships ($ CAD) International Visionary Award ($ CAD) Total Scholarship Amount ($ CAD) Scholarship Disbursement ($ CAD)

70 to 74.9 – 4,000 4,000 (nonrenewable) 4,000 (one-time scholarship)

75 to 79.9 6,000 (one-time scholarship) ” 10,000 (one-time scholarship) 10,000 (nonrenewable)

80 to 89.9 7,500 x 4 = 30,000 ” 34,000 (renewable for 4 years) 11,500 (1st year)

7,500 (2nd to 4th year of study)

90 & above 10,000 x 4 = 40,000 ” 44,000 (renewable for 4 years) 14,000 (1st year)

10,000 (2nd to 4th year)

Ultimately, studying in Ontario at Canada’s second research university for undergraduates can be one of your best decisions.

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However, high academic performance can qualify you for Lakehead University scholarships for international students.

Who are Lakehead University’s notable alumni?

Lakehead University alums consist of numerous notable personalities such as;

  1. Frances Guzzi Picherack, who is the president of Petrine Consulting Inc.
  2. Mark Nevar, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Thurston Machine Co. Ltd.
  3. Glenn Bindley, who is the president & Chief Executive Officer of Redlen Technologies
  4. Richard Buset, who is the Managing Partner of Buset & Partners LLP
  5. Harry Jaako, who is the chairperson and Managing Director of Discovery Capital
  6. Mark Nevar, who is the Managing Director of Thurston Machine Co. Ltd.
  7. David Krahn, who is the founder and president of Krahn Engineering
  8. Ken Davis, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Snugabye Inc.
  9. Jim Lalonde, who works as a Research Director at Codexis
  10. H.W. (Harvey) Schilke, who is the President and Managing Director of Protek Systems
  11. Margaret Page, who possesses membership with the Order of Canada
  12. Stephen Massel, who works as the Chief Financial Officer at Avotus Corporation
  13. Gary Polonsky, who was the founding president and former Vice Chancellor of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology
  14. John Arthur Gordon, who is the chairperson and president at Service Corporation International Ltd, Canada
  15. James Clay is the president and MD of J. T. Insurance Services, Ltd., Canada.

FAQs about Lakehead University scholarships for international students

Who is Lakehead University’s chancellor? 

Ans – Lyn McLeod

Can I apply for my Lakehead University International Entrance Scholarship to the English academic program?

Ans – No, Lakehead International Entrance Scholarship cannot be used to cover payment for the Academic English program. Thus, after completing your Academic English program, your International Entrance Scholarship will be applied to the tuition fee of your undergraduate degree during the 1st year of study.

What is Lakehead University’s ranking?

Ans – Lakehead University is ranked as the second Canadian research university for undergraduates.


In conclusion, the Lakehead University Scholarship for International Students is an excellent opportunity for students who want to study in Canada. The scholarship covers tuition, books, and living expenses, so it is a great way to reduce the cost of studying abroad. If you are an international student interested in studying at Lakehead University, apply for this scholarship!.


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